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Spiked Punch

I hope it is okay to post here, especially since it deals with felines...

Since I like nbowa's and ozkanagroo's idea, I have decided to host my own furry commission contest.
This is mainly an experiment that might lead to a much larger contest, and a quick way for some to raise a little bit of money for Christmas, which is just around the corner.

The subject of this contest will be the anthromorphic character of my car, HellCat.
HellCat is a demonic feline, full of fire and hellish fun.
She is a "big girl," with lots of curves, muscles, and big brr.... sharp blood stained pointy things. The kind of girl you don't mind selling your soul to... or having it ripped out of ya. Whatever floats your boat.
She is strong, sexy, powerful, with a whole lot of mischief.
Suggested poses would be anything from coy/cheesecake, to dynamic leaping/running/attacking. If your familiar with the original Coop Devil Girls, then you might have a good idea at what I am looking for.
Not work safe!
Examples of Coop Devil Girls.

Early proto sketches of HellCat already done: "Version 1" and "Version 2."
Note: These two will NOT be in the contest.

The real life HellCat can be seen HERE.
Keep in mind that the most likely areas that any art work may be painted at will be the rear hatch around/on the continental kit, behind the rear windows, roof, or hood of the car. Some artwork may reappear on the dashboard.


  • Contest starts now, and will end on Dec 17 @ midnight.
    There is no pre-registration, so please feel free to enter any number of times during the contest period.

  • Artists can enter as many times as they wish, but multiple entries may be chosen to be treated as up to three separate entries, a group entry, or combination of the two based upon content/theme/etc.

  • Each artist can only win one prize. But having "several horses in the race" can improve your chances, possibly.

  • If there are more than 11 entries, a small cash prize will be awarded randomly one non-winning entries as fourth place prize.

  • G to R rated entries only Remember, this may wind up being painted on a car. So leave something to the imagination please.

  • Color is encouraged but not mandatory.

  • I retain the right to disqualify anyone based on content or quality, so no stick figures.

  • Please e-mail your entries to punchwolf @ hotmail.com

  • All artwork will be posted in my LiveJournal after Dec 18th, and will be voted on by my friends. The entries with the most votes will be selected by me for first, second and third place.

  • Voting will be open for roughly a week, depending on number of entries, or other factors.

  • Prize payment by Check, PayPal, or Western Union.

  • First place: $100 US
  • Second place: $75 US
  • Third place: $50 US
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